To The Outcasts

Dear You,

I don’t even know how to start. But you and I, you know we’re both alike. We both associate ourselves as outcasts; merely hollow shells that are needed to meet the earth’s population quota. We may physically exist in the same planet, but we both know that we were destined to be somewhere else. Heck, I bet some of us have already earned a ticket to that happy place. Yes, us. There’s more than just the two of us.

There are people in this world who, despite their best efforts, just don’t simply fit in. They find themselves having a different sense of humor, a different set of music taste, and just basically a different everything. Some have no friends, while some have tons of friends—but they still feel like they don’t belong.

You see that picture of your friends having fun at the beach or at the club, then you ask yourself, “Why aren’t I there? Was I not invited?” The answer to the latter is usually no. No, meaning, you were invited; but maybe you just didn’t feel like going. Or maybe they wanted to invite you, but they know you’d refuse anyway so why bother. They make you feel isolated, even if they didn’t want to. They make you feel unwanted, even if they love you to hell. And maybe it’s not them because most of the time, it’s you.

Don’t take it personally, there’s nothing wrong with being you. It’s just that, we’re unique. We don’t fit in, but at the same time, we do fit in. Kind of a paradox, right? Well, basically it means that we socialize at a superficial level—we know how to “fundamentally” get along with others. We know how to interact (but then again, some of us don’t), but we can only do so by showing the most basic, most socially acceptable layer. We rarely let people penetrate our Wall. Kind of sad, isn’t it? We have so many relationships, and yet, we feel like we don’t.

That’s because we all long for a deeper connection with the people around us. We yearn for the company that wasn’t “socially assigned” to us; but one that we assign ourselves to. We want to communicate on a more substantial level— we want to talk to people who don’t think that we’re being too weird or too passionate. We want to be with people who understand the painful things we’ve been through and are willing to accept the pain that we’re carrying. We friends who could fall in love with our ideas, our crazy suggestions, our obnoxious beliefs. We want to know that there are people out there who wants to see the world from the eyes of another.

We all have different roads ahead of us. But I know somehow, all of those roads will cross each other at the perfect time and then, we’d realize that we aren’t alone. All it takes is a little patience and a little strength. So don’t lose hope, buddy. We’ll find our way to each other soon enough because after all, the misfit toys are easier to spot. 🙂


Your Ohana,