Sometimes We Just Want It To End

The pain is too much that it’s almost unbearable.

We’re so jealous of the people who are capable of being genuinely happy. Of the people who are constantly loved by the people around them. Why won’t it be the same for us?

Why must we suffer every night, wishing that it would be the last. Why do we pray for the our existence to end, just so it could take away the pain?

Are we selfish? Is it wrong to ask for all the hurt to go away? Is it wrong to feel sorry for ourselves? Is it wrong for us to shield ourselves from other people because we know for a fact that they will hurt us, one way or another?

Is it really a sin to end our lives? Our sad, insignificant little lives?

In a world full of billions of people, where civilians die each day, are we really that special? Are our lives really worth saving? What if we find salvation in death? Would it be valid?

Every single one of us don’t deserve pain…
Or maybe, sometimes…

we do.


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